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Keith Reinhard, Founder
Business for Diplomatic Action
Chairman Emeritus of DDB

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I'm Lovin' Business Diplomacy!

A few years ago, after his company created the "I'm lovin' it!" campaign for McDonald's, Keith Reinhard got kicked upstairs to Chairman Emeritus of DDB,
Inc (among the top 5 ad agencies in the world). In 2002, concerned about the fading stature of America in the international community, Keith decided there
was an important mission to undertake and founded an organization called Business for Diplomatic Action (BDA). His idea was to enlist the help of the US business community to improve the standing of America in the world, and re-establish America's stature as a global leader and respected courier of progress and prosperity for all people. The action plan called for an exchange of groups
of "high potential" young business executives from America and Arab countries and an attempt to shift the global focus on foreign policy issues to conversations involving shared values such common corporate cultures and business challenges. 

As part of this ongoing effort, BDA is organizing the US Summit for Global Citizen Diplomacy Nov 16th -19th in Washington DC hosted by US Dept of State's Office of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy. The goal will be the formulation of ideas for 120 innovative and collaborative diplomacy projects for businesses to undertake. Among the 700 attendees will be 25 of the top young Muslim entrepreneurs in the world. Learn how you can play an active part in this worthy endeavor.

Business for Diplomatic Action and the World Citizens Guide is the brainchild
of Keith Reinhard. 
Building a positive image of your country through travel.

Dr. Melina Jampolis
Board Certified Physician Nutritionist

CNNhealth.com Diet & Fitness Expert 
Host, Fit TV's Diet Doctor
Author "The No Time to Lose Diet"


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You Are What You Eat!

We’ll talk with the CNN Health nutritionist about how business travelers can effectively deal with the inherent problems with eating right while on the road. From starving you on the plane on the way to your destination to the huge (and frequent) portions available at business meeting meals and receptions, it’s a real challenge to attain a balanced nutrition. Dr. Melina gives us some great tips on coping and planning  and reminds us of a wonderful quote from Hippocrates, the ancient health expert: “Let food be your medicine.” 
Dr. Melina's Web site

Kevin Maguire, Chairman
National Business Travel Association

Listen to Audio of Interview HERE

Legislation and Taxation; It's a different story in Europe.

Kevin joins Sandy to discuss his activities these past few months as the Chairman of the National Business Travel Association (NBTA). Looking beyond the USA and into Europe,  Kevin talks about similar challenges both regions face and the primary differences when it comes to lobbying and taxation.

Kevin will also discuss his day job as the sports team travel buyer for all the athletic teams at the University of Texas. He’ll also offer some suggestions on how to learn more about this profession. In fact, the NBTA believes this is such
an important category of business travel that they even have a team travel specialist on staff! The future looks bright in sports travel!

And finally, Kevin will talk about what he believes to be the biggest issues in travel, including the aging US air traffic control systems. Kevin is always a most interesting guest. Don't miss this interview! National Business Travel Association

Thank you for joining us this week.  

Sandy Dhuyvetter,
Executive Producer and Host BusinessTravelRADIO